Roulette Table Layout

The game roulette has its own share of action and drama whenever it is played. Roulette tables always have the maximum crowd compared to any other casino games. Its popularity is unstoppable as it dominated the table games in most land-based casinos and online.

Despite the fact that playing roulette is all about taking chances, there is much more to this game that most of us are not aware of. Although the results are based on the final position of the ball on the wheel, there are other factors to consider that may help increase your chances of winning. The roulette table layout is one thing. It is a very important component as it is where bets are being placed.

There are a number of different table layouts being used by most casinos around the world. These layouts are understandable and quite easy to play with. Among the most popular is the American Roulette table layout which has a total of 38 numbers to bet on. Choosing which number to bet is a hard decision to make. It has a single zero and double zeros on top of the layout but has no significant meaning according to history. The rest of the numbers are 1-36.

European roulette table layout is another variation of table layout; it is similar to the American except for the double zeros which is not available in the latter. French roulette on the other hand has a single zero and wide table layout. The American and European versions are considered widely used and among the most popular. Both also have higher payouts as they also have the same odds.

Playing a game which has never been easy, can certainly be challenging. However, knowing the basics and understanding the rules are essential in order to increase your chances of winning. Being resourceful is eventually the key.