Is The D'Alembert Strategy Good For Roulette - Is It A Bit Dodgy?

When it comes to Roulette strategies a lot of Roulette players are familiar with the workings of the Martingale strategy. What for the D'Alembert strategy, how good is that and are there any similarities?

The D'Alembert strategy like the Martingale is an even chance betting system. The player will either be betting on Black or Red, Odds or Evens, or one of the two number ranges of 1-18 or 19-36, that's all.

With this strategy the player firstly selects which outside game they wish to play, then they place their chip on e.g. red or black. If the starting bet loses, the next bet is increased by one same denomination chip.

If the starting bet wins then the next bet is decreased by one, in this case the even money winning chip is removed and the next game is started with one chip again.

If the player had for example 3 losses in a row a total loss of 6 chips (1+2+3=6), using 4 chips for the 4th game if they won 4 chips reducing their deficit to a loss of 2, they would then decrease their bet by 1 for the next game to 3 and dependent on the outcome would either increase or decrease by 1 for the game after that.

Be sure to look out for the magic number! If the number of losses equals the number of wins, the player will always be in profit by the number of equal bets, e.g. 4 wins and 4 losses equals 4 chips in profit.

The strategy is similar to the Martingale system, but the main difference is that the with the Martingale the player keeps on doubling up to recoup loses which is the worst thing a player can do. Just ask a successful foreign exchange trader and they will clarify this in no uncertain terms, a player just like a trader should "Never ever chase their losses"!

The losses with this system do not have the potential to be as catastrophic as with the Martingale, however the pitfalls are the player running out of cash if on a mega losing streak, and also potentially reaching the table limit, two scenarios to be aware of before diving in!

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