Is There a Winning Roulette Online Casino Trick?

If you are looking for a roulette online casino trick that is guaranteed to make you rich, you might be disappointed to learn that such a thing simply does not exist. However, there are some strategies that can be used to maximize your odds: choosing the right wheel, placing the right bets and using a system that will help you manage your money as well as recoup your losses.

Choosing the Right Wheel

While it isn't really a roulette online casino trick, you can reduce your odds of losing (and thereby increase the odds of winning) simply by choosing the right wheel. If you find an establishment offering both the European and American versions - and most do - it is best to choose the European version. The payouts are the same, but the second "zero" pocket that is present on the American table, also known as the "double zero" has been removed to improve your chances.

The French Version

The French version of roulette is by far the best option for anyone as it not only has just a single zero, but it also offers up some rules that can help you along. First of all, the En Prison rule will allow you to repeat your bet if the ball lands on zero. What's more, the La Partage rule will allow you to receive half of your even-money wager back if the ball lands on the green pocket. Either of these rules reduces the house advantage to a mere 1.35%!

Finally, the last thing to consider is the betting strategy you use. It is always best to place low-risk, even-money wagers and use a system that will help you recoup your losses. As examples, the Labouchere, Martingale and even Fibonacci systems can help you better manage your money and come out ahead in the long run, but you have to stick to them rather than relying on intuition.