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Players from the United States and from other countries are huge fans of RTG casino websites. These sites support various casino games, including real time gaming roulette.

Because of the use of RTG software, real time gaming roulette is presented realistically, making it more exciting. The players are given the chance to feel what it's like when in an actual casino. They have the chance to truly appreciate the intensity and excitement of the game.

American Roulette

American roulette is best for seasoned players. In this version, the game total number is 38. Most players evade American roulette because the odds favor the house. Basically, players bet on a number, a combination of numbers or a color that the ball will fall on. The game is easy to master and can give good payouts if the player gets lucky.

European Roulette

The most famous real time gaming roulette offering players the best shot at winning is European roulette. The mechanics is the same as American roulette, with the only difference being European roulette only having a total of 37 numbers in the game. Popular betting methods that give the highest winnings are split bet and a straight up bet, while dozen bets and even money bets are for players who do not want risky gambling.

Multiplayer Roulette

Multiplayer roulette games on a French roulette table are also supported by RTG. There is not much between French and European roulette. The only marked difference is that bets are all named in French. In this multiplayer version, players can chat with other players and can observe how other players strategize their bets. This is ideal for new roulette players because they can see how their opponents play.

Free Games

Many RTG casino sites offer free play versions of roulette. These games commonly do not need bets and can be used by players to develop their gaming skills and gambling strategies. Through these free games, players can also compare numerous variations of roulette games supported by the RTG software. They can then conveniently choose a roulette version that will be according to their taste.