Playtech roulette is available in single and multi-wheel versions

Playtech started in Estonia in 1999. It is the brainchild of a collaboration between casino entrepreneurs, software engineers and multimedia outlets. Since then, the company has grown to be among the largest provider of gaming software for online casinos throughout the world. In 2006, it was listed in the London Stock Exchange. They provide software for poker, bingo, online establishments, sports betting, live dealer casinos and mobile gaming. They have licensed several online casino giants over the years.

Playtech roulette has several varieties. The standard ones are American, European, Pro and Club. They all have the same look - a wheel on the upper left side on the screen and a betting area occupying the entire screen. After each spin, you will see an up close shot of the ball's final stop. This kind doesn't have a lot of features but it certainly passes as a standard game. Playtech roulette has a Premium series, too. It includes French, American, European, Pro and New Ar versions. The layout is similar to the standard kind but the graphics and gameplay is way smoother. The betting area is also more defined. Players can change the theme color and camera angle. There is a stats button also which provides the wheel's graphical representation. One handy feature is the option to reverse the wheel's spinning direction. This is beneficial for superstitious gamers who believe this could bring them good luck. Playtech roulette also has a 3D version. A huge wheel is laid out on top of the betting section. In terms of graphics, it is quite good but the premium version works smoother. This version features options like turbo and auto play. The larger wheel will benefit those who want a closer look at the game.

Players looking for more action will get their fill from the multi-wheel version where they can play for as many as six tables. One bet will be placed and will be valid for all six tables, meaning it will cost you six times more than the other versions. The multi-wheel version is pretty much exciting when you can keep up with the action. Aside from the classic versions, there are other variations too. For example, the mini variant only features 12 numbers and zero. It is a very addicting game. Another version is the pinball which is a mix of two games and has a thrilling bonus round. A Marvel-themed variant is also available, which features an absolute power bonus that is currently at £400,000.