How to Use Martingale Strategy in Roulette

Classic Martingale

The Martingale betting system is simple and easy to understand. When applied to roulette, the system involves betting on colors - red and black. Every color has 18 numbers and a 0, which is a null. It does not belong to either red or black. In total, there are 37 numbers on the roulette.

Another version, the American roulette, has 38 numbers because it also has 00. It is considered as a second null. Some players think that the American version is not suitable for the martingale strategy because the second null (00) lowers the chance of winning. However, some players do not put much thought into it. If null comes, they regard it as if it is just another wrong color.

Using martingale strategy, a player starts by betting the lowest amount on the chosen color. For example, the lowest bet is 1 dollar. If his chosen color comes, he wins 1 dollar because he gets double his bet for choosing the correct color. If the wrong color comes, he loses 1 dollar. In this system, if a player bets 1 dollar and loses, he needs to double that amount in the next bet on the same color. So in this example, the player needs to bet 2 dollars in the next round. If he wins, he gets 2 dollars which compensates for the loss in the previous round. Plus, he gets another 1 dollar. If the wrong color comes, he loses 3 dollars. Every time a player loses, he keeps doubling his bet in the next round. The pattern continues as long as he loses. Once a player wins, he can go back to the original bet amount, which in this example, is 1 dollar.

Ideally, a player could eventually have big winnings using martingale strategy but it would work only if a player follows its strict rules. Otherwise, a player could lose all his money.